Drawn in by creation: a photo series

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Drawn in by creation: a photo series


A couple of weeks ago, we looked at ways to stay creative during lockdown. This is a lovely example of creative worship from Jeanette Holligan, who has been inspired by God’s creation while on walks around the green spaces of Edinburgh.


Her photography, or photos shared with her from others, often sparks words as well, and her responses have been included with the series of pictures below.



(Photo: Jeanette Holligan)


Oh taste and see that the Lord is good

New life springing up

Heaven and earth meet

A sound is released an invitation a smile

Created to thrive

To burst forth


(Photo: Jeanette Holligan)



What can you see and feel?

I see movement

God’s glory on display

I see beauty in the clouds

Our creator calling us to join him

as he displays his splendour and majesty for all to see



(Photo: Jeanette Holligan)


Beauty in everyday life. Take time to stop when something catches your eye and ask God to speak to you.


The words from a song came to mind – a song based on Amos 9:13, by Kevin Prosch, “So Come”


Behold the days are coming

For the Lord has promised

That the plowman will overtake the reaper

And our hearts will be the threshing floor

And the move of God we've cried out for Will come,

It will surely come

For You will shake the heavens

And fill your house with glory

And turn the shame of outcasts into praise

All creation groans and waits

For the Spirit and the bride to say

The words that your heart had longed to hear

So come

So come

So come

Even so come


(CREDIT: Kevin Prosch, Even So Come 1991)


(Photo: Jeanette Holligan)



Mighty defender

Our Father never slumbers or sleeps

He is fierce as a lion and gentle as a lamb

The mother looks around proud of her new babies

She has dreams for them

But for now their company and nearness she cherishes.


(Photo: Kate Downes)


Drawn in drawn upwards

There's a story being told

I'm invited to look linger and contemplate.

Movement in the sky

God is at work displaying his glory for all to see.

The trees giving an invitation.

Romance is in the air.

Our bridegroom king is wooing us setting us apart.

The green speaks of pastures new fresh encounters. Life more abundant.


If you’ve felt inspired to write, or create your own artworks, we’d love for you to share them. Let us know what creative ways you’ve found to worship during this time!

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