Inspired by His Presence

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

One of the earliest blogs we uploaded was about creativity in God – specifically in finding creative pursuits to keep us worshipping during lockdown!


We’ve followed this with a few blogs featuring creative expressions from different members of the church, including a selection of poems from Andrea. At the time, it was difficult to choose which ones to include, so we’re following up with another set today! These are all from her poetry collection Inspired By His Presence, and the photos were provided by Andrea as well.


As we all head back out into the world, as things start edging back towards normality, we hope that everyone will be able to keep to the new pursuits and creative explorations that they may have started during this difficult time. We also hope that these poems, centred on God and a relationship with Him, will inspire you.



Unhurried Rhythms


The pendulum swing of heaven

Chimes the hour

It is time


Elastic in the Father’s hands

Always long enough to do His bidding


So, first


Refresh in the deep pools of His love

Dive in

Experience volcanic eruptions in the depths

Power pulsing through every atom of your being


Flow with the tide

Advance – retreat – advance – retreat –

Always coming back to the unhurried rhythms of heaven

That begin with



© Andrea Mill 2019



Meditation on Psalm 84


Inspired by the paraphrase in The Passion Translation


Father how you delight to dwell in your children

As each heart longs for you

For union with you

Rising in praise and worship

Joyful songs

Celebrating you as the source and spring of life


What pleasure and contentment is there for all those

Who live every day enjoying you

Worshipping you

Like birds nesting in a safe place

Raising their young in the warmth of summer


What strength is found in hearts set on the highway of


Digging deep in the valley of tears

In pools filled with delight

Where others find only pain

As you shower down springs of blessing

Living water strengthening every step forward

In answer to every prayer


The kindness of your presence wraps around like a shield

To defend and protect


Just one day of intimacy with you

Is like a thousand days of joy in one

So much better to live even on the threshold of your temple

Than to live life without you

Enticed into false beauty presented by the world


Your generosity knows no bounds

Those who walk hand in hand through life with you

Lack no good thing

You lavish your love and spiritual gifts

Upon those who walk with integrity


What a delightfully abundant life is available

For all those who daily trust you


© Andrea Mill 2019





When all sensation of joy is lost

Know that I am here

Living within you

Joy can be grasped, held on to and embraced

When you are still


And stop striving

Rest in me

Float in deep pools of my love

Surrender your will

And find intense satisfaction

From being in my presence

Serenity from a sense of safety



Bliss in this present moment

Enjoying me as I passionately enjoy you


As your heart begins to sing

Take delight in future hope

Vision and creative solutions

Revelation from a heavenly perspective

Into what has stolen your joy

Be filled afresh to overflowing with my Spirit

Let the river of life flow into your being

Refreshing every part

Cleansing body, mind, soul and spirit

Allowing me into my dwelling place


I do not give to you as the world gives

I am with you

Within you


You will find joy in me


© Andrea Mill 2019



Wind of the Spirit


Wind is visible in the long grass

Blowing this way and that

Yet the same wind goes undetected through a manicured lawn


Take heart my beloved

For the grass has been cut short

But it is growing

And I will be seen

I will be seen!


© Andrea Mill 2019


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